Ultimate course guide | Madi Miller Creative
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This step-by-step guide will walk you through:

  • How to get clear on your ideal client and brand messaging so you can truly speak to your audiences pain points and desires

  • How to get clear on a topic that highlights your expertise and your ideal clients needs / wants

  • How to define the determined results and give your course a name that speaks to your audience

  • How to come up with, group and consolidate the content within your course so you can move your audience to their desired result in the most efficient way possible

  • How to price your offers in a way that displays the value of the course (and pays you what you're worth!)

  • How to set goals so that you keep hitting higher revenue each quarter 

  • And finally, how to determine what you are going to STOP DOING in your business after you are making consistent revenue with your online course.

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